"The S.A.S are rumored to have trained with the tribal Head Hunters of Borneo"

The Unit is made up of three classes: The black spot, a member who is being watched and wanting to join or happy being one. The 13th, a member that has been selected to join the team, and Headhunters: a member that has demonstrated something special and been given that class.

"This rank has two rules...they must be an excellent example of the UNIT and be of a legal drinking age. that's 18 in black and white".


The Headhunters are special players, they carry the responsibility of upholding the rules and operation of the team - this includes selecting prospecting members, making sure the members keep up the level of sportsmanship the unit wants, and most importantly keeping the game days fun and enjoyable for all players, this also extends to the more mundane role of admin and media upkeep.


To become a Headhunter you will have to show you can handle what's needed and can only be selected by a collection of others of the same class....there has to be at least one act that proves the point.

This could be an insane triple back flip into an enemy base whilst dodging bbs, or (and more likely) just a gesture of good faith to a player in need. Both playing ability and good grace are rewarded and a headhunter MUST have a good understanding of organization and admin skills.

If this is spotted by another Headhunter and if needed then you will be recommended for this class, just like joining the Unit. Charity and heart are measured with high importance, however you must also be of a recognized playing ability, both in skill and tactics however this all hinges on whether a headhunter is really needed for the location in question.

Like all ranks in the unit if you're not keeping up the standard or if a headhunter for the area is no longer needed we may ask you to stand down.