"in legend the black spot was a mark of judgment "

The black spot is the way most people join unit 13, it has it's own patch and makes the player part of the team. There is no real difference between black spot members or full unit patched members other than the patch. A player with a black spot is not a lesser player, the spot is often a way for new players to start playing with the team while there watched and assessed...not to show ability.

Some players may never move on from the spot to the unit patch for many reasons. It may be that they simply do not play a lot or that there playing style or ability stays the same as when they enter the unit....this is not a negative thing. all players should join the unit for the hell of playing. not to collect "ranks"

"The black spot is not a way of showing ability in the team"

From "the spot" players will, if chosen by headhunters (just like head hunter or member selection) move to the "unit' patch and wear the units normal patch.

as for the black spot....many people will stay black spot because it suits them

a 13th member as there called (the rank after the black spot), would be expected to organize other members when needs be. help with costs and new members, help expand the team, network to some extent...and more, its not just playing.

some guys just want to play and win (and that's fine for black spot)...but we don't know that till we have had them in the team a while hence the rank system. Same with the Head Hunters they have the most involved job of all and would be expected to have to go beyond the call of duty for the team. Sort lifts, cover larger costs, vote on new players, vote on changes to the team, network with companies for discounts and there are even headhunters in the market for military vehicle's and organizing game events with the team in mind, not to mention paying for the site the forum and soon advertising.

It would not be fair to dump this on all players

Hence the black spot