The 13th rank are the main body of the unit, there the seasoned selected players that have served as black spots or been selected under other rare circumstances.

They have to prove they have the team in mind and play with spirit, energy, talent but above all HONOUR and SPORTSMANSHIP.

From the "black spot" players will, if chosen by headhunters (just like head hunter selection) move to the "unit13th"  patch and wear the units normal patch.

Like it's mentioned in the black spot section....many people will stay black spot and not move to the 13th for many reasons see the black spot section or talk to a member/headhunter.

As a 13th member you may be expected to help with the organization of the team and other members when needs be. help with costs and new members, help expand the team, network to some extent...and more, its not just about playing its doing some of the leg work when home.

Like any position in unit 13 if the member doesn't keep up the teams code of sportsmanship honor and the play hard spirit, they may be demoted or more by a group of head hunters and other players.