The team is ever growing and accepts new players through a selection process, where a team member of "Headhunter" rank will watch the player play and judge whether their sportsmanship, honesty and ability match the Unit's, These players will be given the "black spot" patch

"To join unit 13 you don't need the greatest kit or the best guns, just the spirit to always push forward, think tactically, and above all be honest and fair"

When joining it's important to show respect to the other players. The selection by the Headhunters can be a long process or be almost instant depending on your qualities (for example a friend of a team member who has played often with the team), this also applies to the process of black spot to full unit member e.g a good player isn't always a fair one.

Younger members under the age of 18 need be aware that joining unit 13 is for 18 and above only, this really isn't personal, it just safe guards our members for games and events where drinking and guardianship is concerned, this doesn't affect your play with us or most events with us it just means we cannot patch members up till they turn 18.

If accepted into UNIT-13 you will be ranked "Black Spot" and wear the black spot patch, until such time you are deemed suitable to be a member of the 13th, you can ask for a call sign patch and web graphic to be made on black spot level onwards....Congratulations and welcome to the crew!

visit our facebook page for member requests


(Patches are purchased via an outside company. we do not make money on patches we prefer you do it direct as to avoid confusion)


Any member playing with the unit must remember that he/she must keep up the merits that got them selected. At no point will the team accept cheating, stealing, bad sportsmanship, unprovoked threatening behavior or even over zealous bravado... you represent the team, not yourself, and can be de-patched at any time if we feel you've crossed the line.

This also applies to forums and other social networks. We are a humble playing team who enjoy the game to have a laugh and meet people and must not come across like we think we are better than others.

Please also note that the artwork, graphics, patches website and any unit media, remain property of the creators, founders and intellectual property holders... all can and will be removed from debunked players.