UNIT-13 is a team of selected airsoft players based all over the UK, united in their attitude to fair sportsmanship and the "getting stuck in" spirit

Playing in squad's at sites all over the UK and including a range of ages, experience and abilities, the team plays with the goal of having a laugh and enjoying the sport whilst embracing healthy competition.

         " Heart breakers & Hit takers "          

Unit 13 is one of the largest selection based teams in the UK, working and playing under the Unit 13 flag the team is unusual in the way that it is broken into ever growing  squads of various sizes at various home sites and locations each with there own squad name, badge and identity, run locally by there headhunters.

The team has a Mil-Sim like approach to airsoft tactics and works hard when playing, often making use of small teams and always involving the other players to get the best out of the games and  emerge victorious (hopefully)...but it isn't all serious; although the members enjoy winning its not the most important part.

"The Crew of originals had a somewhat rag tag and  "hairy" appearance that has given the unit its Pirate like image".

Keep your eyes open for the Unit's patches on the field.